When a new employee starts working for your Company and joins the Retirement Fund administered by RISE, you will be required to load the member onto the RISE Platform. Onboarding is an electronic process and will form part of the Month-End Processing.


Onboarding requirements.


For any member to be loaded onto the RISE Platform the following information and documentation will be required: -


  • Fully completed RISE Platform Member Take-On File submitted via the RISE Platform. (Please refer to Member Take-On File)


Onboarding process


The process of onboarding new members is as follows:


  • The Employer provides the new member information as detailed above.
  • New-member data is loaded onto the RISE Platform.
  • New-member pack will be generated and forwarded electronically to the member or employer via the e-mail address provided.


The new-member pack consists of:


  • Welcome letter.
  • New member statement; and,
  • RISE Platform user-login instructions.

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