The RISE Platform is an integrated administration and investment management system that can be accessed by Employers, Paypoint Administrators, and other stakeholders to provide Retirement Fund administration functionality. The RISE Platform is where Employer representatives are able to upload and update membership information, process and manage contribution payments and submit and manage claims.


RISE provides authorised Employer Representatives access to the RISE Platform, where all member-related processing is managed.


Authorised Employer Representatives will access the RISE Platform to complete the following: -


  • Monthly contribution processing;
  • Submission of claims for existing members;
  • Update member data; and,
  • The input of data for new entrants to the Fund.



Advantages associated with the use of the RISE Platform include: -


  • Increased data accuracy;
  • Automatically reconciled contribution payments;
  • Transparent and audited tracking of all processes;
  • Claim submission and payment efficiency; and,
  • Increased security and fraud prevention.


As far as possible, interaction related to the administration of the Fund will be electronic and via the RISE Platform. Everything required, from an administration perspective, is available via the RISE Platform. 

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